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A kick-ass LESS Mixin Library for Everyone.

LESS Hat. Get MORE of LESS with 86 smart mixins.

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Random shoutout #1:

Finally new version of my everyday time-saver. Even this website is powered by LESS Hat :)

marek, Frontend Developer at Source

Random shoutout #2:

Some times you find gold mines like lesshat.com with its own mining tools less.github.io #Css3 #Less #Html5 #WebDesign

Diego Flórez via Twitter

Random shoutout #3:

At first I was SASS all the way, but LESS is leaner
and doesn't depend on gems.
Also, lesshat is F@#$'n awesome.

Tim via Twitter

Random shoutout #4:

#LESSHat is seriously fucksome. Takes browser
abstraction to the next level. Less time consumed, more quality!

Rémy Sanchez via Twitter

* To be the trendiest web ever we used the longest long shadow possible.

Prefix free

LESS Hat takes care of exporting CSS for all available browsers.

Without restrictions

Unlimited number of shadows, gradients, animations… anything, really.

Developer friendly

We created a developer friendly worklow for creating and testing mixins.

CSS Hat integration

We were looking for a truly universal LESS mixin library that we could use in our CSS Hat plugin for exporting Photoshop layer styles into CSS. We didn't find any.

LESS Hat is tightly integrated into CSS Hat and they work extremely efficiently together.

Discover CSSHat.com

Quick comparison

We looked at existing libraries and found out that they are not matching our criteria.

Mysterious number that appears everywhere. 08121991. What do you think it is? Tell us.

PropertyLESS HatLESS Elements3L Mixins
Keyframes new
Unlimited gradients
SVG gradients for IE9
Input placeholders
Unlimited transitions
Prefixed transition values
Units completition
SEO Helper wtf?

Too lazy to go back on top? Get LESS Hat here.

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